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The Kaffeehaus on the ground floor is an open cafe for all.
Serving the best coffee, home-baked goods and mostly vega(taria)n organic yummie lunches by day, and drinks and good music by night. From chilling with friends and meeting up with co-workers, and from bar hanging to evening dances.

The Kaffeehaus is not only a cafe, but also a modular event space that will transform to any which way you need to put on your event, lecture, workshop, talk, concert or party.
It is the space where our pillars come together and mingle to one: culture, community, well-being, knowledge expansion and business.

It serves as a temporary gallery on weekdays and shows a different artists work every month.

Thinking about organising something? We can accommodate up to 100 people dancing, and around 50 people seated. Our crew is happy to brain along about your endless options on how to use the space and make it your own. We can start early and go till late, in meditative silence or pumping dirty basslines.

We are very happy to host you in the Kaffeehaus with your idea. To get in touch about it, fill out the form: [form]

Kaffehaus Opening Hours
10:00 – 17:00 Daily